Disney World Trip December 5-10, 2021

Happy New Year to our family and friends from Tom & Alica as we start our Year of us. Here are some highlights from our December 2021 Disney World trip to celebrate this exciting time in our lives as we embark on some new adventures.

We had to set the alarm for 6:50 am and get on the Disney World app to request a ride reservation starting at 7:00am. This is a procedure used for the brand new rides to help control the crowds by giving you a specific time that you have to show up between to enter the queue line.

We lucked out and got group two after a lot of refreshing our apps before the reservations were all gone by 7:02am. if we weren’t able to get this reservation the only other option (for that day) would have been to physically be in the park and do this process again at 1:00 pm that day.

Nice shot of the Riverboat sailing on The Rivers of America
Beautiful sky above Splash Mountain
Great castle shot between the trees with Splash Mountain track and bridge in the foreground.
Amazing Gingerbread House int eh Lobby of the Grand Floridian hotel.
Description of how the house is built
Beautiful art work here
List of ingredients used to build the house.
Tom standing in front of the house to show scale.
We made it to the 50th Anniversary of Disney World
Alicia took a ride in a tethered balloon ride going 400 feet int the air. Views are 360 of the area and you can see up to 10 miles away. This was a little too high for Tom so her went for a shave at The Art of Shaving.
Tom excited to find a Disney World bus with a picture of Dumbo on it. It’s the little things in life that bring us joy.
Shot of Cinderella Castle after riding down Main Street on the double decker bus.
Tom & Alicia on the Main Street USA double decker bus waiting for a ride from the train station to the castle.
So we decided to each celebrate something in our lives. Tom went for Paincation because you can’t run away from chronic pain but you can take it somewhere warm where is it away from the painful cold weather. Alicia was celebrating “I quit” after quitting her job to focus on college fulltime. Alicia got the most comments on her button as well as one person asking if she quit her job with Disney World.
Got to take the traditional first day at Disney World picture in front of Spaceship Earth.


  1. Hopefully Tom’s Art of Shaving experience was AFTER the Dumbo bus pic…and/or he got his money back!

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